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            Free Shipping on U.S. orders of $125+ more info »

            Sorrelli Jewelry Customer Service

            Our customer service department is here to help make your Sorrelli experience sparkle!

            We Want to Hear from You!

            Have a question, comment, or concerned about our jewelry or your order? Take a moment and let us know! We'll do our best to respond within one business day.

            Contact Us

            Providing your name and e-mail are optional; however, we cannot respond to your comment if you don't provide them.

            To cut down on comment SPAM, please answer the question above


            Thank You!

            We appreciate your comment. If you've provided your e-mail address, our customer service team will be in touch with you, usually within one business day.


            Our Lifetime Guarantee

            Sorrelli jewelry is handcrafted so there will be slight variations from piece to piece. These do not reflect product flaws, but instead make each piece unique. Should your jewelry become damaged due to defects in workmanship, the item will be repaired and if needed, replaced. Any instances of natural wear and tear will be billed accordingly. By treating your Sorrelli with the utmost care, you will be able to enjoy our jewelry for many years to come.

            Please note, we will repair any item with our original brass tag.

            Caring for Your Sorrelli

            Some Tips to Make Sure Your Jewelry Lasts for Generations:

            • Do not throw or drop jewelry onto hard surfaces
            • Avoid direct contact with sprays—hairspray, perfume, etc.
            • Remove your jewelry while showering, swimming or exercising
            • Do not place directly in water for an extended period of time
            • Never use chemical cleaners or polishes
            • Clean and polish with a soft, dry cloth
            • Store jewelry flat in its organza bag to prevent bending or scratched crystals


            Visit our repairs page for more information or to submit a repair request.

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            The item you selected has been added to your bag.


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